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"Innovation in Education"

Our mission: The mission of the Foundation for Excellence is to enhance the opportunities available to our students through the funding of innovative programs that support the educational goals of the Morgan County school system.














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The Morgan County Foundation for Excellence was founded in 2010 to provide financial support for exemplary and innovative educational programs across schools in the Morgan County School System that the system would not be able to fund on its own.  The goal has always been to ensure that the Morgan County Schools, now the Morgan County Charter School System, would continue to be recognized as a leader among school systems across Georgia and nationally.

The purpose of the Foundation is to raise funds to implement programs of academic excellence in all Morgan County public schools benefiting all students.  Since 2010, the Foundation has funded scholarships for the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs, given out books to young readers for summer learning, brought in numerous renowned southern writers during a year-long literary focus for students and the community, supported the system’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programs, and funded Outdoor Classrooms at the newly-opened Morgan County High School and Middle School.  This history of successful program implementation has led to the collection of major sponsorships and funding to the Foundation from businesses and individuals, mostly from Morgan County.

The ten-member Board of Trustees for the Morgan County Foundation for Excellence boasts a strong relationship with school system leaders.  Each trustee lives in Morgan County and has a personal connection with the school system, either as an alumnus, parent, grandparent, or past Morgan County educator.  Community support is evident by the outpouring of generous donations to the Foundation each year.


  • Elizabeth Bell

  • Sarah Burbach

  • Emily Buck

  • Stan DeJarnett

  • Chris Lambert

  • Michelle Paschal

  • Perez Robertson

  • Jennifer Stewart

  • Debbie Tamplin

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