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2019-2020 Projects Funded


The Morgan County Foundation for Excellence (formally identified as the Morgan County Foundation for Excellence in Public Education-- MCFEPE) works closely with the Morgan County Charter School System Superintendent and Board of Education to identify, select, and fund innovative and exemplary programs that are closely aligned to the curriculum but are not covered by local, state, or federal funds.  The Foundation raises funds to implement programs of academic excellence in all our public schools that benefit all our students. These exemplary programs have helped set Morgan County Charter Schools apart from other systems, and our students are benefitting from these contributions.


The most recent projects contributed by The Morgan County Foundation for Excellence have included $60,000 awarded to build outdoor classrooms at the new Morgan County Middle and High Schools. The need for these outdoor learning spaces was proposed by teachers and administrators and will provide numerous opportunities for creative learning and enrichment for students in Morgan County.   Students from all disciplines at both schools will benefit from a cross-curricular space at each school site in which to learn. Art students can display work on a rotating basis; academic teachers can use the outdoor space for classes; drama, chorus, and band students will gain an intimate outdoor performance space; science and agriculture students can create habitats, perform soil experiments, and study vegetation. The list of possibilities is endless, and students will reap the benefits in generations to come.

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